Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Architecture INTRODUCTION

The Architecture
                                                 Architecture is not just to satisfy the functional requirements of a particular programmed but a lot more to enrich the peelings of space, form & order which ultimately enhances the quality of architecture to a very great extent.          Architecture is not just confined to just materials, techniques of construction. But extends into a very  cast filed of creativity which considers the psychology of the users who are at the receiving end of the benefits of architecture.
                                                  Architecture is for the people, without them these are just too pieces of composition and construction. Hence their  responses to the built forms & spaces reveals the right kind of approach needed for handling spaces for various functions. Human responses can neither be fully particularized nor fully generalized as it is a very delicate phenomena.     But as human beings are organisms with memory panels (brain) with an order already established set of variables regarding various spaces. These variables can be generalized to some extent & spaces that a campus for yoga would demand this are the objective of this study on.

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