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Construction Work:      
                                                                          Nebulae developer  undertake all type of construction We are specialized in contemporary design with luxury construction, modern design with vaastu and quality construction under budget also. We will provide   service in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and odisha only.
works  on turnkey Basis and we have architect designer, interior designer, site supervisor and more than 20 years experienced labors  like electrician, plumber, carpenters. We are providing best quality service  with modern design  and  under budget construction.
                                                                            Taking full responsibility in execution of works at site  as
an Construction Agency (Contractor). Stationing at site of work, arrangement of labour contractors, other agencies and labours,day to day supervision, quality control,maintenance of records, registers for aterials,monitoring the progress of work,coordination,any other activities connected with the work for successful ompletion with quality speed economy. Nebulae developer  prepare turnkey packages and provide entire project management support  from procurement and budget management to deliver  the constructing project. Our core focus is to deliver projects  on time under  budget  without compromising on quality.
  Following construction work under below type of buildings:
Residential  Building  Construction
Commercials  Building Construction
Public Building Construction
Renovation work Construction
Budget home Construction
Mall and Mutiplex  Construction
Cbsc Schools Construction
Apartment Renovation
Apartment Construction
IT Park  Construction
Matriculation  Schools Construction
Old Home Renovation 
Modern Houzz  Construction
Commercial Complex  Construction
 Engineering Colleges  Construction
Any Type of  Old building we can change modern  Construction with vaastu
Guest House Construction
Office Complex  Construction
Polytechnic , ITI Colleges  Construction

Budget Home Construction
Service Apartment Construction
Hospital Construction

Row house Construction
Star Hotel   Construction
Medical Colleges Construction

Villa  Construction
Swimming Pool  Construction
 Dental Colleges Construction

Hostel Construction
Beach Resorts  Construction
Terminal Market Construction

Residence Construction
Car Show Room Construction
Marriage Mandapam Construction

Warehouse Construction

                                            With a variety of offerings ,we are sure you’ll be happy  to work  with us. Look through our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!
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if you need any advice in the  construction  filed  please send  your project details in mail , we will provide architectural   idea  under your budget  construction cost.

Different type of Construction in Stagewise :

First stage in construction
Second stage in construction
Third stage in construction
Third stage in construction
Hiring associate 
Brick Walls work  & Pillars and Structure start
plumbing works
Electrical work
Starting construction of a new home requires a lot of pre work, which includes preparing cost estimates, hiring a contractor, engage an architect
Quality brick wall construction Strong brick walls  and symbol of strong building. So will follow good brick material
Water is necessary for everybody. In home or workplace we need a systematic placement of pipelines for water supply
Electrical fittings are a very important aspect of home. safety and utility

Do finalist planning the activities, arranging for finance, and deciding on the building style, floor plans, etc
The number column and location of column is also as important as the strength of an individual column
Nebulae developer provides you extensive information on sanitary appliances and their specification, purchasing guidelines for sanitary and plumbing material,
If done right, they help you save power, keep your home free from fire hazards and also guarantee that your other costly electrical/electronic equipments have a longer life.
As experts would say that a good start to a project means that its half done, so start your project by reading the tips in this section
Nebulae developer  provides you extensive information on brick work, column designs, Specification  and detail following ,  buying fixing finish the work 
Plumbing and sanitary design guidelines, Various types of quality materials and their selection, etc
Nebulae developer provides you extensive information explaining about good electrical fitting techniques, benefits of proper earthling, cable wiring, lighting fixtures, electric fittings, electric current, etc.

Third Stage In Construction
Final stage of construction
Final stage of construction

joinery work
Plastering and painting work
Laying floors including base coat work.

Wooden material one of the important in home, buy quality wooden material.  Nebulae developer is  following architect Specification  and detailed drawing and  follow buying, fixing joinery work and  finish the work 
The mix should be as per specifications.  The mix should be by volume.
The quantity of water should be such that the mix can be easily spread over bricks or applied on a vertical surface. Water more than required quantity may spoil the mix and it can reduce the strength of masonry.
The mix should be used within half an hour of its preparation Provide good cement plaster on ceiling and walls
Nebulae developer is monitoring  quality plastering work

The purpose of floor is to provide horizontal clean surface to support the occupants of a building, furniture and equipments. The floor structure must  be strong enough to bear super imposed loads. The strength of floor depends on type of flooring you use

 Fixing doors, windows and ventilators frames in walls. The door and window frames are fixed with iron hold fasts. Before fixing the frame, the surface of frame abutting masonry and bottom of the frame treated with two coats of anti- termite treatment in case of wooden frame.

 Nebulae developer provides you extensive database of articles and pictures that can help you pick the right color combination for your home. It also helps in understanding the painting methods, post painting work in necessities, need of plastering earlier than paint, painting tips and material, color selection tips, paint method checklists
Nebulae developer provides you extensive database of tiles design and Specification, detailed drawing and following buying fixing, quality tiles work finish.

Nebulae developer provides you extensive information explaining about good joinery detailed design and Specification  and detailed drawing