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Introduction on interior

Introduction on interior

ARCHITECTURE is the design of buildings. It covers all aspects of the process from
inception to the completion of a new building. It may also involve the renovation or
restoration of existing buildings and in some instances, the building may undergo
major changes in use. ARCHITECTURE encompasses not only the design of an
individual building but also relates the building to those adjacent to it and to the
environment as a whole. It is an integrative art that takes account of history, culture,
environment, technology, economics, management and law.
What does an ARCHITECT do?
Architects undertake multiple roles in their daily work. They are responsible for design
work, coordination with consultants, management of projects and management of
their offices. The work is exciting and variable – one day they may be working on the
concept design of a modern high-rise building, on another they may be working on
difficult small details of interior components.
Although design skills are required, the practice of architecture today is so complex
that areas of specialization are developing; so that besides design architects there
are also those who are experts in management, technology and planning. Computers
are playing an increasingly active role in architectural practices, environmental
concerned design is becoming more important in architectural design, such aspects
are developing as areas of specialization.

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 4 type of interior
Working With An Interior Designer Or Architect: 4 Things You Need To Know For Your Residential Project

Looking to renovate or update your interior? Are you embarking on a single or multiple
room redesign? Kitchen, bath, or bed room remodeling project? Building a new home?
Gut-rehabilitation of a space? Not sure if you need a decorator, interior designer, interior
architect or architect for your project? Our guide will help you decipher which type and
level of design services is best for your residential project.

1. Defining Your Project
2. Selecting the Right Type of Professional
For Your Project

First off, let’s start with a “foundation” question:
Does your project fall in the new construction or
existing building category? Translation: Are you
building a new home or is this project for your
existing residence?
Secondly, what’s the scale of your project? Is it
a custom-designed brand new home? A gutrehabilitation?
A kitchen or bath remodel? A
“knock-down a few walls to open things up”
project? A living room or bedroom re-do, i.e.
new flooring, drapery, millwork, moulding, paint,
furniture? A project where you need new
furniture for your residence, someone to make
selections, pull it all together and help with
furniture layout? Do you need someone to help
you select paint for your walls and to add some
color to your existing space? You get the idea.
As you can imagine, larger-scale projects call for
more highly-trained and experienced
Architectural and Design (A&D) professionals.
Now that you have determined the scale of your
project, which professional has the skill set to
get it done? Here’s a guide to help. It’s important
to remember it’s a sliding scale and there tends
to be overlap in skills so for example, an
architect is able to do parts of an interior
architects job and an interior designers job, just
as an interior architect is able to do parts of an
architects job and an interior designers job, etc.
Many trained A&D professionals have a range of
capabilities; it’s important to ask and review
these when selecting a professional.

3. Defining Your Project Goals and
4. Determining Your Style
You should clearly understand the goals of your
residential design project and define your
objectives. This is not a complicated exercise,
but by communicating your goals and objectives
to your designer or architect, you give them
better direction which will result in a better
An example of a project goal may look like this: I
want a new kitchen with more countertop space
and an island.
Objectives: I want a better working flow to the
kitchen and a more open and airy feel to the
Or…Goal: I want to redesign my living room and
need a better furniture layout.
Objective: I want to be able to entertain and
have seating for 8 people. When thinking about your project’s goals and
objectives, consider your absolute requirements,
how you live and function in the space on a day to-
day basis and what problems or issues you
have with your current space you want resolved.
Creating an itemized list of exactly what you
want accomplished is not required but also
helpful such as: replace base moulding, new
furniture for living room, new drapery, custom built
bookshelves, addition of new built-in wet
bar. It serves as a reminder of everything you
want especially when you may forget something
in your first meeting and it outlines for both you
and the professional what items need to be
Your Architect or Designer will work with you to
understand your style but it may save you time
and money if you do a little homework prior to
your first meeting. It’s a visual world we work in
and the saying “a picture is worth a thousand
words” is most applicable. For example, a client
used the word “modern” to describe her style but
“modern” has many meanings and
interpretations. Prior to your project, if you are
flipping through a magazine and see something
you like…rip it out. It doesn’t have to be an
entire space that inspires you; it could be a
detail like the type of flooring or the bathroom
fixtures used. Also, it doesn’t have to be an
interior that inspires you…perhaps the colors
from a sunset found in a nature magazine
resonate with you or maybe you find the velvety,
rich texture of an evening gown beautiful as you
flip through a fashion magazine. Remember,
your residence should reflect your tastes and
preferences, so the more inputs your A&D
professional gets regarding your personal style,
the better they will be able to design a
Personalized space for your residence.
Nebulae developer, is a trained and
experienced Interior Architect and Interior
Designer. For advice or questions about your
residential project, please contact our nebulae developer. We can do for u best service.